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Pure Misting work with the products of Eco-Mist Biotechnics a UK company specialising in the development, manufacture and application of decontamination solutions for complete infection prevention and control against surface and airborne pathogens.

Our products have been tried and tested with companies around the world, this is what our clients say.

Company Director Kathryn Browne

Escapein60Windsor, escape room operator

Our first concern is the safety of our staff and customers so given the current pandemic we will only allow bookings from groups declaring themselves in a bubble or in a family group. In between games we had planned to clean and disinfect all high traffic areas such as door handles and props. The concern was how to more completely disinfect the room, we looked at foggers but the issue is either the disinfectant - often Hydrogen Peroxide which is highly toxic and requires significant ventilation periods before the room can be used again – or the droplet size which produces a wet mist which doesn’t circulate as well because of gravitational forces and can cause problems with electrical equipment as well as bleaching and smearing.

The advantage of the Pure Misting solution was immediately obvious, our team will clean the high traffic areas as normal before misting the rooms with TriBioSan for around 4 minutes each. TriBioSan is non toxic and completely safe for humans so the room is ready for the next game in the same turnaround time as with the pre covid procedures.

When we open Pure Misting will be frequent visitors to test and ensure that our protocol is effective with the increased visitor numbers. The testing results will be collated and give us confidence that our duty of care to customers and staff has been performed as well as practically possible.

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