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Pure Misting work with the products of Eco-Mist Biotechnics a UK company specialising in the development, manufacture and application of decontamination solutions for complete infection prevention and control against surface and airborne pathogens. Because the products use a non-toxic sanitiser they are safe for use within the healthcare, food & beverage, hotel & leisure, pharmaceutical, transport, education and retail sectors.

The products have been specifically designed to wipe out the most difficult and prevalent contaminants known to man. These include the most dangerous bacterium, viruses, fungicides, mould, yeasts and spores.

Eco-Mist Biotechnics produce an exclusive range of biocides which are completely safe to humans, animals, plant life and the environment. Therefore, they can be handled and disposed of without risk to users, patients, customers or guests.

The biocide has been independently laboratory tested (in the UK) to rigorous internationally recognized standards and complies with: EN1040 EN1275 EN 1276 EN 14476 EN 16777 EN 13697 NF T 72-281

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